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A global network of young people taking action to improve our world. It is a youth-led action program that is currently making a difference in almost 100 countries. It builds on Dr. Jane’s legacy and vision of placing the power and responsibility for creating solutions to big challenges in the hands of the young people.
Jul 2019

Kenmore South Sculptures

This semester, Year 6 students at Kenmore South State School studied a range of current global issues. They used a range of recycled materials to create sculptures depicting a number of environmental or social issue. QLD State Coordinator, Peta Wilson was invited to a classroom gallery and was deeply moved by the issues portrayed in

Jul 2019

John Curtin Recycling Project

John Curtin College of the Arts have utilised bins from Green Batch, the students collected PET plastic bottles that are recycled into 3D printing filaments which are then used by the school for their 3D printers. A number of schools are currently involved in the project and are taking great care and regard for the

Jul 2019

World Chimpanzee Day SA Art Competition

To celebrate World Chimpanzee Day 2019, the South Australia Roots & Shoots team wanted to raise awareness of our closest living relative, so they asked their members to create and send in their original artwork of chimpanzees. Below are the marvellous entries we received. We love how every piece speaks for itself and showcases imagination, creativity and our favourite,