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A global network of young people taking action to improve our world. It is a youth-led action program that is currently making a difference in almost 100 countries. It builds on Dr. Jane’s legacy and vision of placing the power and responsibility for creating solutions to big challenges in the hands of the young people.
Mar 2020

Mac Rob R&S Gals Growing Like Crazy!

Mac Robertson Environmental Club showcased a massive suite of different projects and tips to both live more sustainably and improve the local environment. They certainly made their mini grant go a looong way! After much site preparation from groups and dedicated individuals, the gals got busy planting herbs, veggies, the iconic Wollemi pine, and an

Mar 2020

Annangrove PS Champions the Glossy’s

Some animals are generalists – they eat all sorts of different foods. Other animals are fussy. They are specialists, and only eat a select type of food. The Glossy Black Cockatoo is SUPER fussy. They only eat the seeds from She Oaks (Allocasurinas and Casurinas). Sometimes they eat the odd grub too, but on the

Mar 2020

Danke Koala Kids!

R & S would like to thank our friends in Berlin, Germany for their support of our Bush Fire Recovery Appeal. This keen group of 7 year olds, together form the aptly named ‘Koala Class’, and in response to the recent bush fires they created a large poster to draw attention to the plight of