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A global network of young people taking action to improve our world. It is a youth-led action program that is currently making a difference in almost 100 countries. It builds on Dr. Jane’s legacy and vision of placing the power and responsibility for creating solutions to big challenges in the hands of the young people.
Oct 2019

Kalamunda Primary uses Mini Grant money for the Protection of Natives

Kalamunda Primary School was recently lucky enough to receive a Mini Grant from Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program. Kalamunda is using the funds to educate their pupils on native flora and fauna, with the construction of a frog pond to attract and protect native frogs in their local area. They have also used the

Sep 2019

Coolbinia Primary School’s Peace Day Activities

Coolbinia Roots & Shoots members worked on art pieces during the month before Peace Day, 21st September.  Each Wednesday lunchtime, when Roots & Shoots members met, they coloured doves and made decorative handprints around the peace sign.  These artworks were displayed in the school library, along with relevant books about peace.  The display was completed

Oct 2019

Emily Walker – Environmental Warrior

Emily Walker recently won a $250 grant from Roots & Shoots for Straw No More Townsville. She has utilised the money to fundraise by making re-usable makeup remover pads, buying a tent and other items to help when she visits markets to promote her cause. Lately, Emily has Met with the Mayor of Townsville, Jenny